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Considerations For Foam Cutting Machine Maintenance
Aug 31, 2016

So-called foam cutting machine is against foam, sponge and other materials processing equipment required in the chemical industry. Currently using laser machine for cutting, fine laser beam cutting is not easy, smooth cut, paste-free advantages of currently used in various fields. Of course, in the foam cutting machine using the process inevitably fails, needs overhaul, now says the following foam machinery considerations for maintenance.

Who only know how to use the operation, repair or replacement of components is only allowed to work! In order to prevent the occurrence of accidents, or damage to the machine, repair must comply with the following principles:

1. If a fault occurs, disconnect the power, the machine stops working;

2. when the machine is not functioning properly when using query-related manuals and instructions, determine the right measures to be taken; before the repair or replacement of components, you must first turn off the power.

3. maintenance remove the parts (components) should be in the same place at the same new parts (components) to be replaced, used in the maintenance of the instrument must be calibrated;

4. non-flammable material or metal objects left in a Cabinet or in a junction box;

5. check the cables, wires for damage on a regular basis to prevent leakage or electrical shock.

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