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Lost Foam Machine Hollow Sprue
Aug 31, 2016

Lost foam machine is a hollow sprue and setting up a filter or with someone to strengthen barrier of residual slag in steel liquids.

Casting speed, especially in the road of Ascension, fall instantly strike the right balance, do not stop, the casting process is always full of water Cup, slowly pouring into the tail received packages, slag and gas and gasified residue sufficient time floating in the set to and risering.

Ladle there must be adequate in iron, or poured into a casting of molten iron containing slag, shaking bag less leakage at the end of, if funding is available, Automatic casting machine, that significantly reduces the formation of artificial casting defects.

Disappeared die bubble mechanical determine reasonable of vacuum degrees. vacuum spent high increased metal liquid permeability stick sand, and caused attached wall effect, not conducive to liquid phase bubble was coating adsorption generated many stomatal. suitable of negative pressure is exhaust of guarantee, is control stick sand of measures, pouring process in the established reasonable of negative field, makes pumping gas is greater than gas volume, tight solid dry sand, guarantee casting geometry size, shortened solidification time, block stomatal diffusion, and grew up, because pouring stop Hou, metal and coating interface of liquid phase plaster of decomposition also in for, Negative pressure as disappeared die casting of main control factors. is years years has too more of enterprise errors to think through improve negative pressure can discharge steel within of gas (especially containing nitrogen steel), actually negative pressure exhaust only discharge steel frontier to bubble clearance within of gas, liquid phase material and coating first wetting again gasification, and steel within of hydrogen nitrogen in casting process in the using negative pressure cannot discharge.

Disappeared die bubble mechanical paint layer and white die must dry completely, type sand must dry. coated loaded good of model with boxing with take, reduced in air in the of exposed time prevent coating sucking tide, in rainy season and the high humidity area especially note, see have see of water and see not to of water on disappeared die casting are has negative effect, if dry not completely, stomatal, and stick sand, and deformation will while reflect in with a casting Shang.

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